Swaying / Maki Hamanaka  2021.2.17 – 28

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Miyamazenko is a Japanese Alpine plant which belongs to the parsley family, and its white flowers can be commonlyseen in high mountains.
I noticed this flower long ago but never looked up its name. Even after learning the name of the plant, the flower remained only a cluster of white dots to me. There was something more about this plant than knowing
its name or the visual satisfaction I receive, and I had been wondering what it could be.

Climbing season had begun, sunlight was getting longer, and the plant grew taller, swaying in the wind.


I have heard that in Shinto, shaking the Shide to energise the divine spirit is called Tama-Furi. This swinging motion can be seen everywhere in daily lives, such as in waving hands.
The swaying white flowers may hold something similar to the Tama-Furi, and I must have been feeling that. It was as if the flower was reaching into me with a resonating vibration.               

I wasnʼ t just seeing white flowers but also seeing particles swarming around it, being energised by its swaying.


The flyer designs for this exhibition arrived. A set of three different art works on thin paper, which I arranged in three separate piles in my studio to look at. One day, I opened the window, and the papers blew around the room. I caught sight of the papers just before they settled on the floor, and I momentarily grasped “the sight of an invisible existence” . After that, those flyers have become like Shide to me.


I find meaning in the things that “cause swaying” because there is an element of language within them. Their presence prevails from actuality and influences personal existence itself.

                                                                                                                            Translation Ayako Strachan


Photograph 小俣裕祐 / Yusuke Omata