浜中マキ / Maki Hamanaka


I extract images which arises from limited vision as an actual existence, which has departed from its meaning, in connection with myself. My workflow is based on reflecting on memories like seeing a few seconds of motion pictures, and painting layers of monochromatic colours and transparent tones to clarify the structure of the spatial perception.


Graduated from Oil Painting Course, Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Art and Design, Tama Art University

2005 – Ichiro Fukuzawa Award

2006 – Roppongi Hills Arena / Roppongi (Tokyo) Live Painting Group Exhibition 2012 – amar / Kichijoji (Tokyo) solo exhibition

2013 – sonbe / Kamakura (Kanagawa) Group Exhibition

2016 – 山の上の森  nidigallery / Shibuya (Tokyo) solo exhibition

2017 – SICF18   SPIRAL HALL. / Minami Aoyama (Tokyo) Art Festival

2018 – white atmosphere nidigallery/ Shibuya (Tokyo) solo exhibition